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Caroline Center's FAQs
  • What is the cost of the program?
    Students who are accepted to the program are awarded a scholarship to Caroline Center. The actual cost of a Caroline Center education is $4,000 per person. We are grateful for the generous support of individual donors as well as foundations and other funders for allowing Caroline Center to offer an education to you at no cost. Every accepted student is responsible for professional fees associated with her training and certification, such as professional liability insurance, background checks, certification exams, and licensing. These fees, which are subject to change, are currently $215 for CNA/GNAs and $129 for PTs.

  • Should I work while I am enrolled in the program?
    Yes.  We encourage you to work part-time outside of training hours so that you will have income to meet basic needs – childcare costs, food, rent, utilities, and transportation – while you are training.

  • If I am accepted into the program, what are the requirements for enrollment?
    To enroll in the program, you must be at least 20 years old and have a high-school diploma or your GED. You must be drug-free. Caroline Center does drug testing on accepted students before admission to the program as well as random drug testing throughout the period of enrollment. Additionally, your immunizations need to be up-to-date for students enrolled in the CNA program. Caroline Center can provide you with resources for updating your immunizations.

  • Is there a uniform or dress code for the program?
    Yes. The Caroline Center program is a career training site as well as a professional education program, so we require our students to dress in medical scrubs as they will for work, to wear sensible shoes as appropriate to nursing and pharmacy environments, and to adopt a career style that is consistent with health and safety regulations and “good practices” in the profession.

  • Do you have on-site day care or provide any subsidy for child care?
    Caroline Center does not have on-site day care and is not able to provide subsidies or support for child care. If you have a child or children, we strongly encourage you to make arrangements with a non-family member for reliable, dependable, and affordable quality care. Caroline Center can recommend day care providers for you.