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What does a CNA / GNA do?

Certified Nursing Assistants work under the direction of a licensed nurse, providing patients with the assistance they need with daily living tasks. CNAs help patients with such tasks as bathing, grooming and feeding. CNAs provide great support to patients and act as liaisons to their supervising nurses to give feedback, proper patient information and observations. CNAs are not certified to work in nursing homes.

Geriatric Nursing Assistants provide care to elderly patients. GNAs often work in long-term care facilities and nursing homes, but may also work in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, or in patients' homes. Typical duties of GNAs include dressing, bathing and feeding patients, moving and repositioning bedridden patients, changing bed linens, taking temperature, pulse and blood pressure, preparing and transporting patients, and recording care.

What does a Pharmacy Technician do?

The main job of a Pharmacy Technician is to assist the pharmacist with providing medications and other types of health care products to patients. Some of the duties that are typically assigned to pharmacy technicians include: pouring, measuring, and mixing medications; counting tablets; labeling bottles; answering phones; stocking shelves; operating cash registers; verifying prescription information; preparing insurance claim forms; and, maintaining patient profiles.

Some typical places of employment for pharmacy technicians include assisted-living facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, retail establishments, and drug stores. In some of these settings, such as in nursing homes and hospitals, pharmacy technicians may be called upon to fill prescriptions for patients that will be used over a 24-hour period of time. This way, the medications are ready for the nurses and other medical staff to provide to the patients throughout the day and night.

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