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Application Process

Step 1 - Determine that you meet all the qualifications for Caroline Center. Click here for admission qualifications.

Step 2 - Click Apply Now to completely and correctly fill out the online application. You may only apply to one program.

Step 3 - Check your email for information regarding the next steps in the application process. This email will be sent to you one week prior to the Information Session. Bring this email with you to the Information Session. Make sure the email address entered in the online application is correct!

Step 4 - Come to the Information Session on the date and time specified in the email. Be prepared to fill out a detailed application and take the TABE tests at this time. Bring your email with you! This is mandatory!

Step 5 - Sign up for your Personal Interview at the end of the Information Session.

Step 6 - Come to your Personal Interview appointment on time and bring the necessary documents with you (you will be told what documents to bring). This is mandatory!

Step 7 - Watch for a letter mailed to you with the outcome of your application. This letter will be mailed within 7-10 days. Make sure the home address you entered in the online application is valid and correct.

Your online application does NOT guarantee you a spot in the next class.

Application Schedule


Class Start Appl Process Begins Appl Process Ends Information Session Begins
Jan 1/3/17 11/14/2016 11/20/2016 12/5/2016
Apr 4/20/17   3/13/2017 3/19/2017 4/3/2017
Sept 9/5/17 6/26/2017 7/2/2017 7/17/2017