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Caroline Center Women tell their stories

It Takes Courage

Here I stand before this deck that’s stacked against me. I didn’t put it there. It was there when I arrived. But I no longer accept it.

Taking a life-changing first step takes more than courage. It takes real commitment. Staying power. A willingness to go against the grain and go the distance, no matter what. A Caroline Center education is one of the best ways to build a new career and a better life.  You take the first step. Caroline Center will see you through. Working together, we’ve definitely got what it takes.

It Takes Capability

Sometimes you just got to claim it.
To say -- I not only can do it.... I did it!

Since 1996, Caroline Center has educated more than 2,000 women for meaningful careers with the opportunity for advancement. Women come to Caroline Center with capacity and desire. They come seeking change. They come with untapped potential. In 15 weeks, you will discover that you have within yourself exactly what it takes to be a successful professional and to lead a fuller life. We will open the door, offer you great instruction, and our full support. All you have to do is claim it.

It Takes Commitment

We’re Caroline Center.
Committed to women. Committed to work.

If you change a woman’s life, you change everything. This is our unshakable belief. This is why we are committed to providing our career education program completely tuition-free. This is why we actively seek employers who will provide meaningful, rewarding work and competitive wages for all of our graduates. This is precisely why we call every alumna a “member for life.” We are here for you, for life as you pursue your career and higher educational goals. Caroline Center stands by you because we know that you’ve got what it takes.  

Wizard of Oz - Sing-a-Long

Caroline Center presents the Wizard of Oz Sing-a-Long, the classic film with sing-a-long subtitles so that everyone can join in. One performance only! Dress up as your favorite movie character for the costume parade and contest. Prizes and favors!

Tickets are on sale at the Hippodrome Theatre Box Office or through Ticketmaster at or 410-547-SEAT (7328). Purchase your tickets early for the best seats!

Applications for the April Class

Online applications for the April Class are now closed. For admission information and September dates click here.

'What It Takes' Video

Caroline Center goes to Congress

Want an urban renaissance? Start with Caroline Center. We've got 'What It Takes'. Watch and share our video...


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